Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Chroniton Rifle

During the time in which Rain Silves was a spy on the Edge of The World, he gained enough trust to be appointed head of Pulse Weaponry Research, during this time he secretly smuggled technology to a small abandoned lab within the Research Wing, and developed a weapon capable of mass destruction. The Chroniton Rifle is one of a kind, the only one in existence being locked away deep within the Edge of The World, the rifle is fitted with a Pulse Spoofer, capable of magnifying the radius of any kinetic projectile discharged from the weapon by almost 20x. The weapon was fitted with a universal ammunition mechanism, however General Silves developed the rifle's primary fire to feed off of kinetic "Rift" energy. Only available in small 6-Volt Battery sized cartridges at the time. With the Pulse Spoofer running with the Primary fire, the rifle can melt almost any known material in just a single shot.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dredge Infantry Footsoldier 2023

Knowing nothing outside of a pre-determined train of thought from a chip, the Dredge Footsoldier is the backbone of the Dredge Empire. Unable to withstand the natural elements on most planets within the Terran Galaxy (Coral 12, Earth etc.), The soldier is resorted to using a respiration centrifuge strapped to it's back. However, those who dare to take on the Soldier in it's own controlled environment (Edge of The World, Dredge Homeworld etc.) are faced by it's natural form. Sporting an entire two jaws of razor sharp teeth, your head would be off your shoulders before you even realize it. During the Golden War, Human Scientists determined the best place to strike would be aiming for the respiration stacks on the backside of the soldier, leaving the soldier to suffocation without respiration.


The KAL-15AR is an assault rifle employed by the Sentinels and Royal Brigadiers during the Golden War in 2020-2023. During post-war times, the rifle was refurbished and distributed to the Synth Union through Dredge Arsenals, buffed with a 100% Red Oak wood buttstock and forearm grip, and a concealed 40MM Grenade Launcher beneath the upper discharge, This semi/fully automatic rifle is a go-to choice for almost any occasion, whether it be related to Genocide or Recreational affairs.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

RBG-SMG Reference

A concept I drew in GIMP a while back, detailing the RBG-SMG. The standard sub-machinegun handed out to Sentinel and Royal Brigadier units during the Golden War, and later utilized by the Royal Brigadier Resistance movement post-war.

Rain Silves Portrait

Same night as the Faust portrait was drawn, A more detailed sketch of Rain Silves, The main character of ATEOTW.

Isaiah "Faust" Faustin

I decided to sketch out a portrait of Faust in GIMP, A main character of ATEOTW.